About the Artist

My art is sparked in the heart by a piece of music, a writing, a photo or a personal experience or concept I am working through. Much of my original art starts with a vision while meditating, standing in the shower, sitting in nature or dropping off to sleep. I consider it all a divine gift and record it in my note book with a quick sketch to be developed and nurtured until the time is right to share with the world.

Canadian Artist, Linda Diane Taylor describes her art as taking an idea or a vision to the canvas and molding colour and dimension to create a message, a question or an emotion. Her influences come from the old master oil painters, tribal designs and visions. Her style is eclectic, ever changing and developing.

In her portfolio you will find amazing pet portraits, personal portraits, ideas from visions, tribal designs and copies of old masters.

She has made drums for other artists to paint and develops her own designs and personal designs for others.

In the late nineties she painted indoor wall and ceiling murasl paintings in the homes of the 'Street of Dreams' in Coquitlam, British Columbia. She continues to paint indoor murals and hopes to one day work on large outdoor murals.

Linda volunteers and  has donated her services to a variety of organisations including  Lions International, Rotary International, Youth and Sport Groups, Women's Groups and the Animal Rights and Protection Groups.

Art Education: Fraser Valley Academy of Art 1985-1987 under the direction of Atelier Sandor Meszaros

Self taught through experimentation, extensive research and travel throughout US, Canada, Europe and South America.

Art as Therapy: Study of Art Therapy through Charles Tebbets Internations School of Counselling and Hypnotherapy  1989.

Drum Making taught by First Nation elders Leah Patrict  (Dene), Julie George  and Phil L'hirondelle (M├ętis) Elders.