The Hermit - Watercolor Painting

This painting was created in my first year at Art School.  1987.  It is now for sale.

The Hermit
280.00 or OBO

To purchase this painting email me a or text  (650) 937-9067   I accept Major Credit Cards, Cash, PayPal and Canadian Buyers can use interac transfer.   

I named it "THE HERMIT"  I used watercolour pencils and water to create this piece. It was painted on Bristol Board and when I measure the actual painting it is12x14.5. With matting it I think it will look good in a 16x 20 inch frame.  It is  ready for Matting and Framing.

The cabin in the woods is an imaginary place influenced by the mountains of British Columbia, Canada and those of Yosemite National Park.  Places I have gone to do vision quests and to be alone in nature.

For me this painting depicts my love of nature and being in nature sometimes alone. I have learned there are benefits from spending time alone shutting down the chatter of a busy day or a chaotic society.  I take the time to be alone in nature and sometimes do it for extended periods of time. Once I can quiet the mind I can listen to my inner voice. These meditative times have become essential to my well being.    In this  silence I experience profound realisations and sometimes get answers to all important questions.

It is also a time to fill my essence with a great healing from nature.   Most of the time I experience a peace, a knowing that comes from seeking the truth of my own heart. I am comfortable in my own skin and alone I am not lonely.

After time alone in nature I return to the busy world.  I notice that colors are brighter and clearer.  I am more aware of sounds and smells.

Plan an afternoon, a day or even a few days to be alone in nature.  See for yourself how healing and energizing it can be.   For those who are more adventurous try and vision quest.   I have gone on a few and highly recommend spending the time to get in touch with your God or Goddess Self and clear away unwanted energy and thoughts.

Your world will change.